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We have celebrated our 30-year anniversary in 2019 and the journey continues ...

Our sincere thanks to all our Members, suppliers and stakeholders, both past and present, who have all contributed to
successfully reaching this historic milestone.

From humble beginnings three decades ago, the SACRRA’s existence has been sustained by never losing sight of the original
objectives of the Association, which were set out by our founding members.

Click on the following link to view our SACRRA Timeline.



The concept of establishing an Association of credit retailers and credit bureaus was tabled by 12 founding members in
January 1989 when the Consumer Credit Association (CCA) was established.

Our founding members included Amrel, Boymans, Clobea/Furnbea, Edgars, Foschini, Information Trust Corporation (now
TransUnion), Kreditinform (now Experian), Joshua Doore, OK Bazaars, Rusfurn Group, Sales House, and Truworths.

An inaugural general meeting was called a few months later in April 1989 when the first steering committee of the CCA was
elected. The committee was tasked to prepare the Association to commence formal operations, appoint an Executive
Director, draw up a constitution, develop a funding model as well as a communication strategy.

Six retailers were chosen as members of the first Management Committee: Amrel, Edgars, OK Bazaars, Prefcor, Sales
House, Truworths and two credit bureaus, Kredit Inform and Information Trust Corporation (ITC).

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