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As part of the amendments to the National Credit Act, published in March 2015, Regulation 19 (13) was added and
reads as follows:

“A credit provider must submit credit information to the credit bureaus in the manner and form prescribed by the National
Credit Regulator through conditions of registration and any guidelines that may be issued by the National Credit Regulator
from time to time”.

The purpose of NCR’s guideline published on 23 June 2017 is to prescribe the manner and form in which a credit or
data provider must submit credit information to the authorised credit bureaus.

The guideline has prescribed the SACRRA data sharing environment as the industry standard for credit providers to report
credit information and has also prescribed that all data providers (previously referred to as voluntary data providers) to
comply with data sharing requirements of the Act, failure to do so will result in access to payment profile information being

All data contributors will need to report credit information in accordance with the timelines prescribed in the guideline. The
information will need to be extracted as per the rules and requirements of the SACRRA’s data specification and format known
as the L700v2 layout. The submission of data files to approved credit bureaus will no longer be accepted through any means
other than the Data Transmission Hub (DTH) which is a secure data transfer portal co-owned by the SACRRA and the Credit
Bureau Association (CBA).

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